Outstanding Projects

Since the establishment of Hayim Association, outstanding projects have been an essential part of the on-going daily activity at the oncology departments.

Some of the projects are vital for winning the battle of the children and their families against cancer, while others are set on a regular basis in order to bring joy and laughter to the children.

We are hoping to add many other projects in order to better the medical treatment, and to create new and pleasant memories for the children.


Providing Funds to Oncology Departments and to the Israeli Medical Association

Hayim Association supports the oncology departments in hospitals in Israel, in order to promote the quality of medical treatment and service. The association funds human resources in the medical realm, according to the needs of each oncology department: Doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, lab personnel and health professionals.
Hayim Association supports the Israeli Society of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology (ISPHO) by comparing medical protocols in Israel and abroad, by funding “Data Manager” (which joins the American Organization for Pediatric Oncology – COG) and by funding conferences and professional forums.


Transportation Services

Many families deal with financial struggles due to unexpected costs; as a result  they cannot afford a vehicle or taxi services. Having to receive treatments at the hospital on a regular basis, entails transportation and loss of working hours for the parents, which could become a heavy burden on the family budget. In addition, many of the children must avoid traveling in public due to their struggling immune system.

Hayim Association reimburses transportation costs, and at times fully funds emergency transportation to hospitals. By doing so, the entire family can go on with their daily routine.


Jewish Holidays Dinners at the Oncology Departments

During Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year’s) and Pessach (Passover), Hayim Association arranges holiday dinner at the hospitals. The children, destined to remain in the hospital during the holiday, invite their family members in order to celebrate the holiday together, like any other family in Israel. The association organizes and fully funds, with the help of the well-being supporters and volunteers, a warm and festive dinner by the child’s bed which includes all the symbols of the holiday. Uniting the family next to the child’s bed creates a feeling of warmth and love despite the illness.
In other cases, when a child is able to spend the holiday at home, yet the family is not able to afford a holiday dinner, the association provides financial aid and allows the family to celebrate together with all the needed ingredients and holiday symbols.


Funding Vacations for Families of Pediatric High Risk Cancer

Hayim Association understands that chemotherapy and other treatments create pain and stress among patients and their families. That is why the association sees a great value in going on vacation.

The association funds vacation for families of pediatric high risk cancer. For a whole week, families are able to leave the treatment routine, the rides to the hospitals, and the daily pressure of fighting the illness.  Both children and parents are given the opportunity to relax their bodies and souls; together they can unite and enjoy each others company in a warm and cozy environment.


Assisting Families in Need

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the balance of the family changes. Usually, one of the parents must leave their job in order to devote themselves to the child during treatments. The other parent continues working while committed to care for the siblings and maintain their daily needs and health.
When the income becomes smaller than the growing expenses, many families face difficulties in their emotional and financial condition. Hayim Association assists families in financial crisis in order to allow the parents to continue their daily routine along with the special needs and expenses of treating their child:

  • Direct financial aid;
  • Nannies services;
  • Purchasing lifesaving medicine (which is not covered by insurance);
  • Specific assistance to medical needs such as purchasing a hospital bed, oxygen tanks, hearing aids, special glasses and more).


Purchasing Lifesaving Equipment for Hospitals

Modern medical equipment allows saving the lives of infants and children. Sometimes budgets do not allow the health system to acquire the appropriate equipment. Hayim Association stands up to the challenge and raises sufficient funds to support these projects. With modern equipment and personal care, patients receive optimal treatment which contributes to saving the lives of many children.

We try to support and help to all families around Israel, throughout their struggle, and in all hospitals, in order to strengthen the children and families and to ease their journey!
We hope to continue these projects in the future and add events and fond memories for children during their recovery.
We are proud on these accomplishments and aspire to much more.