About Hayim Association

Hayim Association – for Children with Cancer in Israel


Hayim (“Life”) Association was established in 1984 by parents of children with cancer in order to ease treatment, assist families, and raise funds. In addition, the association provides social supporters for the children and their families in the pediatric oncological centers throughout Israel. The association is based on a volunteer board of directors and a volunteer Chairman.


Hayim Association is responsible for establishing new oncological pediatric centers, purchasing life saving medical equipment, and groundbreaking medical research. The association considers the children as its top priority and thus invests in family vacations, entertainment at hospitals, and personal communication with each child.


Donations allow the association to provide needed elements: funding medical positions such as doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, lab technicians, and more; funding international protocols and purchasing medical equipment; assisting families in financial need; funding activities for the children; and providing holiday meals to children and their family members who are spending the holiday at the hospital.


The association is responsible for purchasing lifesaving equipment such as: a unique device that diagnoses leukemia within hours instead of within days, a device for bone marrow injections to assist with implants, a device for freeing and preserving bone marrow in nitrogen. 


The association, led by Avshalom Cohen, is run professionally and modestly. It ensures that donations are used for saving lives and bettering the quality of medical treatment; it devotes its efforts for the wellbeing of the children and their families.


Hayim Association’s mission is to save lives of children with cancer in Israel by funding all the pediatric oncology centers in Israel.


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