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The children are the inspiration of Hayim Association!



Founding Hayim Association in 1984, by parents of pediatric oncology, has played an instrumental role in promoting medical treatment given to children with cancer. Anyone familiar with the activity of the association will agree to the above.

The vision of Professor Rina Zaizov stemmed from identifying the immediate need of an association which will promote the medical treatment given to children since the governmental funds were not sufficient, to say the least. As time went by, it became necessary to expand the cooperation between patients and the medical staff. In addition, the government funds could not be invested in medical research or expand it, nor could they replace existing equipment with modern technology. Three main realms were in need of extra funding; these have become the goals of the association:

  • Funding professional positions in the medical field (doctors, nurses, etc.)
  • Financially and socially assisting families in need
  • Purchasing advanced medical equipment
  • It has been 20 years since I started my activity with Hayim Association, and five years ago I became the volunteer chairman. While caring for our son, Ben (z”l), I was exposed to the activity of The association and to the importance of funding research and daily activities in oncology centers.

The greatest achievement of Hayim Association is its being an association based on volunteers both in the field staff and in the management staff. As of January 2008, the association runs without a paid CEO position and among its volunteers one can find the following: Board members, accountant, legal advisor, supervisor and others. Thanks to all the above, the association is considered to be among the top cancer related associations in Israel.  

I am proud of the activity of Hayim Association and its achievements. There is no doubt that the creativity of the staff assists and will assist to promote both the professional level of the medical treatment and the wellbeing of the children and their family members. 

As an organization, we are constantly looking to improve, enhance, and renew the methods of locating financial resources in order to proceed, assist, and promote the treatment for pediatric oncology.

Finally, I would like to wish a good health and a fast recovery to the children in treatment and to their family members; good luck to the staff and “yasher koach” (well done) to those volunteering for the sake of the children, regardless of religion, race, or sex.


Sincerely yours,


Avshalom (Avshi) Cohen

Volunteer chairman

Hayim Association





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