Hayim Association for Children with Cancer in Israel has been active since 1984 and aspires to a better future in which all children will recover from cancer. 

About 3,000 Israeli children battle cancer, and every year an additional 400 children join this circle. The primary mission of the association is to care for the wellbeing of the children and their family members. 


The association is constantly working towards improving the quality of life for the pediatric cancer patients along with promoting the quality of medical treatment given to them.

Hayim Association is active in all the medical centers in Israel and has become an integral part of all oncology departments. The association is unique in its way of identifying the needs of children and families, and creating suitable projects for these needs such as having a “social supporter” in each oncology department.


Hayim Association was established by parents of children with cancer, their personal journeys and insights are the foundation for that the association aspires to achieve. 


Main Activities

Promoting quality of medical care and treatment

Over the years, Hayim Association had become a pioneer in improving the quality of the medical treatment given to the child. Hayim Association has played a major role in the medical and social breakthroughs, by:


  • Funding medical research, developing sophisticated methods of improved diagnoses, and laying out an optimal treatment plan in order to increase recovery rates. 
  • Supporting the “Israel Society of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology” (ISPHO) in order to collect medical information on children with cancer in Israel.
  • Increasing the knowledge of the medical staff throughout Israel by funding educational conferences in Israel with bringing renown experts in the field.  
  • Establishing professional psycho-social forums to compare the treatment provided in Israeli hospitals.
  • Purchasing the most advanced medical equipment for diagnosing cancer and treating it.
  • Funding positions in the oncology department, including but not limited to: Doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, lab technicians and health professionals.



Caring for the wellbeing of the children and their supporting surroundings

Children fighting cancer deal with a hard and painful time in their life. The uncertain future and the separation from his natural surrounding affect his quality of life. Worldwide research shows a direct connection between the medical condition of a patient and his emotional state.

Hayim Association recognizes this problem and helps to improve the quality of life for these children, by:


  • Organizing day trips, festivals, holiday activities and vacation for the children and their family members;
  • Providing play rooms, classrooms, and personal tutoring in the hospitals;
  • Accompanying children during treatment in the medical centers.


Financial Aid

Many families encounter financial crisis as a result of unpredicted expenses. Hayim Association provides financial aid to families, such as: Transportation services for receiving treatments at the hospital and providing care givers for families in need. Any extra help around the house and at the hospital is considered as well.


Hayim Association is a member of the International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations (ICCCPO). The trustees of the association are among the top business leaders in Israel.   


The association is run by a volunteer board of directors and a volunteer chairman. All members of the association are volunteers as well. The association treats all children, regardless of religion, race, or gender.




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