Social Supporters

Hayim Association focuses on the medical-social needs of children. The association created a variety of activities in order to turn the oncology centers to a “home-like” surrounding. By doing so, they encourage children to attend medical procedures and cooperate with the medical staff.

Hayim Association is the only association in Israel to identify the need for a coordinator between the children and the medical staff. As a result, the association created the “social supporter” position whereas every oncology department has its own medical staff, and a Hayim Association representative – the social supporter. 


Every year, these professionals help dozens of cancer patients, their families, care givers and friends. The supporters use their expertise and experience in order to help the children and families in improving their daily lives. They care for the children’s emotional needs, and identify social and financial needs of family members, friends, and visitors.

Our staff makes hospitalization a better experience for the children; they are an invaluable source of help for the families. 

Soroka Medical Center - Beer Sheva


Ruth Rappaport Children's Hospital (Rambam) - Haifa

Valley Medical Center - Afula

Bnei Zion Medical Center (Rothschild) - Haifa


Schneider Pediatric Center - Petah Tikva

Dana-Tel Aviv (Ichilov) Hospital for Pediatric