Since 1984, Hayim Association has come a long way in advocating for the needs of children with cancer, and in supporting research for childhood cancer. As we revisit and celebrate the progress we have made, we also look ahead- knowing there is more work to be done.

In short retrospect, here are our most significant moments:


The association establishes a night care department for pediatric cancer patients, the first of its kind in Israel, at the former Beilinson Hospital (currently, the Rabin Medical Center).



A new bone marrow transplant department for children in Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel is built with the assistance and support of the association, a precedent in Israel.



Hayim Association supports transforming the oncology department from “Beilinson” hospital to Hematology – Oncology Department in memory of Professor Rina Zaizov in the Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel. The association invests many resources in order to equip the department. The new department is built with a special attention to creating a “home-like” surrounding for the children.



Hayim Association helps to establish the pediatric oncology department in Soroka Medical Center (located in Beer Sheva), and brings a new quality of life to the children in southern Israel.


For these moments it was worth working all these years. We celebrate our achievements while keeping in mind that so much work awaits us. 


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